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New Book on Advocating for Students of Color in Mathematics

Dr. Pamela E. Harris unveils a new book project in collaboration with Dr. Aris Winger.

Order your copy here.

From the hosts of the podcast Mathematically Uncensored and inspired by the authors’ work on creating and leading professional development programs that bring together mathematics/math education faculty and K-12 STEM educators throughout the United States, the book “Asked and Answered: Dialogues On Advocating For Students of Color in Mathematics” provides the reader with a window into the process of going from a bystander to an advocate for students of color in mathematics. Covering 5 Dialogues between the authors, the content is raw, emotional, humorous, and real. Readers should expect to be challenged and unsettled, as oftentimes the authors directly address the readers in multiple calls to action while guiding them in self-reflection.

A quote from the book:

“A related question is then: Are you ready to do an audit of every single part of your practice? Oh my goodness. Are you ready to look at all that you do, all the decisions that you make in your professional lives and say, 'Wait, is that good for everybody? Wait, who does that really impact? Wait, who might be suffering because I'm doing it this way? Wait, should I do this differently?' "

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