Below is a list of Dr. Pamela E. Harris's involvement in professional development work for students and faculty.


Part 1: Advocating for Students of Color in Your Classroom, September 2020

Part 2: Advocating for Students of Color in Your Department, October 2020

Part 3: Advocating for Students of Color in Your Institution, November 2020

Part 4: Advocating for Students of Color in the Mathematics Community, December 2020

  • Math SWAGGER Webinar: Lessons Learned
    Co-organized with Drs. Drs. Vanessa Rivera Quiñones, Aris Winger and Michael Young

    • September 16 and 22, 2020, open to the public

    • October 23, 2020, Colorado School of Mines

    • October 28, 2020, Arizona State University

  • Fostering Equity in the STEM Classroom - June 2020
    Program led by Dr. Aris Winger, co-facilitators: Drs Pamela E. Harris and Dwight Williams

    • Additional webinars in September, October, and November​ 2020

  • Tartan Scholars MEDAL Consultations, Carnagie Mellon University, August 2020
    Co-facilitator for event organized by Dr. Aris Winger and Michael Young


  • Finding and Amplifying Our Voices: Mathematically Gifted and Black, Lathisms, and Pacific Islanders in Mathematics, Panel at Joint Mathematics Meeting 2021,  January 2021

  • Belonging in Science And How the Science Community Can Better Address Racial Inequality, SACNAS @ Genentech, September 2020


  • STEM for Her Presents: Women of Color Succeeding in STEM, August 2020


  • The People - Advancing Math Education,  August 2020







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