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Latinx Mathematicians Research Community

Latinx mathematicians research community

An online research community sponsored by the American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California organized by Jesús A. De Loera and Pamela E. Harris

The Latinx Mathematicians Research Community (LMRC), sponsored by AIM and the NSF, is a year long program for early-career Latinx mathematicians which provides tiered mentoring research opportunities, professional development opportunities, and establishes a large research network of Latinx mathematicians.

The kick-off intense week-long research workshop of the program will be devoted to building new research collaborations to promote the advancement of Latinx currently in the discipline, and showcase the mathematics of Latinxs, especially those within the U.S. This workshop brings together senior Latinx mathematicians with a breath of mathematical interests and expertise who will provide earlier-career Latinx mathematicians with research mentoring with the goal of establishing working groups who will seek to publish their research findings. After this initial research workshop, the LMRC programming is followed by monthly professional development meetings and a monthly colloquium by participants in the research community which will be open to the mathematical community at large.

If you would like to participate, please apply by filling out the on-line form. Applications are open to all, and we especially encourage women, underrepresented minorities, and researchers from primarily undergraduate institutions to apply.

More upcoming events are listed here:

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