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Latinx en Academia

Dr. Pamela E. Harris was recently featured on the Podcast Latinx en Academia.

Episode description: This week Marcella Rodriguez interviews Doctora Pamela E. Harris, a Mathematician and Tenured Associate Professor at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Dra. Harris talks about her family's twice attempt at finding new opportunities in the United States, growing up an undocumented immigrant, and the push to incorporate her own personality and identity into her work as a mathematician, a subject area long considered objective and void of personal influence. She talks about navigating academia as an undocumented student, staying close to home and then needing to move, and the struggle to help her parents understand the work she does. Dra. Harris shares her experience doing a post-doc at the United States Military Academy and how she is making a stronger effort to ensure that she and others feel legitimate in their identity as a mathematician. She does an amazing job giving visibility to difficulties and systemic issues with tenure-track positions. Please also support her recent book, Asked and Answered: Dialogues On Advocating For Students of Color in Mathematics and her podcast, Mathematically Uncensored.

Instagram: @latinxenacademia LinkedIn: Twitter: @latinxenacademi Facebook: Website:

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