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Dr. Harris in Girls' Angle Bulletin

Girls' Angle is a Math Club for Girls and their publication The Girls’ Angle Bulletin is their bimonthly math magazine. It contains articles on math, descriptions of mathematical activities, fun and challenging math problems, math-inspired art, interviews with women in mathematics, and more. Content is created by our members, staff, and contributors, many of whom are mathematicians.

The Bulletin opens Volume 14 with the first half of a two-part interview with Williams College Associate Professor of Mathematics Pamela E. Harris. Prof. Harris’s journey into mathematics is extraordinary and quite unique. She also coauthored a wonderful contribution to the Bulletin in Volume 11, Number 2, entitled “Partitions from Mars”. Prof. Harris is actively involved in promoting minorities in mathematics. Among her many talents, Prof. Harris is expert at involving undergraduates in mathematical research.

Consider supporting Girls' Angle by subscribing to their Bulletin which is $36/year of printed issues!

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