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Discrete Math Days 2021

This spring's Discrete Math Day will be hosted (virtually) at Williams College on April 24-25, 2021. For registration and more information visit the conference website here.

Discrete Math Days in the Northeast is a series of one-day research meetings that seeks to bring together a community of combinatorists in the northeast. We seek to provide a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly environment conducive to fostering collaboration across institutions and disciplines.

We hold three meetings per year, Fall, Spring and Summer Combo. The meetings take place at different colleges and universities in the northeast. Most participants drive to and from the conference on the same day. We hope that by holding meetings at different universities it will make it possible for researchers with higher teaching loads and those with limited institutional support to attend, and helped them to keep up with research in their field.

We also seek to provide a non-intimidating entry into the mathematics community for graduate students and very strong undergraduates in the region.

We now also hold several Virtual Combinatorics Colloquia throughout the academic year.

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