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Williams College

Honors Thesis Students​​

  • Neel Jain (Class of 2019)
    Expanding Zero-Forcing to Multi-Color  Forcing on Graphs

  • Anthony Simpson (Class of 2019)
    Kostant's partition function and Multiplex Juggling Sequences 

  • Isabella Huang (Class of 2018)
    Combinatorial problems related to peaks, pinnacles, decents, and derangements

Undergraduate Researchers Supervised

  • Benjamin Drews and Tim Randolph (Class of 2018)
    Optimal (t, r)-Broadcast Domination Numbers Of the Infinite Grid

  • Teresa Yu (Class of 2019) and Benjamin Young (Class of 2018)
    Zero-Forcing Games and Multi-Color Forcing on Graphs

  • Dalia Luque, Claudia Reyes, and Nohemi Sepulveda (Class of 2018)
    Broadcast Domination of Triangular Matchstick Graphs

  • Aesha Siddiqui (Class of 2019)
    An Exploration of Magic and Antimagic Graphs

  • Gabriel Ngwe (Class of 2017), Cielo Perez and Aesha Siddiqui (Class of 2019)
    On a closed formula for Kostant’s partition function for sl4(C)

  • Dalia Luque and Claudia Reyes (Class of 2018)
    Kostant’s partition function and a connection to juggling sequences 

  • Edward Lauber (Class of 2018)
    Weight q-multiplicities for representations sp4(C)

  • Haley Lescinsky (Class of 2018) and Grace Mabie (Class of 2019)
    Lattice patterns for the support of Kostant’s weight multiplicity formula on sl3(C)

  • Kevin Chang (Class of 2019)
    The Fibonacci and Lucas numbers and the support of Kostant’s weight multiplicity formula

  • David Ariyibi, Katherine Blake, and Anthony Simpson (Class of 2019), Marina Pavlichich and Lexi Rager (Class 2019) Coadvised with Alicia Prieto Langarica at Youngstown State University
    Recommender systems and data analytics for undergraduate course selection

  • Anthony Simpson (Class of 2019)
    Computing Weight q-multiplicities for the Exceptional Lie algebras 


United States Military Academy
Honors Thesis Students
  • CDT Cameron Voigt, Honors Thesis, graduated May 2017
    Generalizing Zeckendorf’s Theorem Via Bin Sequences

  • CDT David Townliand , Honors Thesis, graduated May 2015
    Zeckendorf Decompositions and the Regular Triangular Tiling of the Plane

  • CDT Margaret Churchill, Honors Thesis, graduated May 2015
    Divisibility Rules: Base −10

  • CDT Hannah Paugh, Honors Thesis, graduated May 2015
    On a Generalization of Zeckendorf’s Theorem Using Circumscribed m-gons

  • CDT Victoria Markow, Honors Thesis, graduated May 2014
    Redefining Patrol Areas

  • CDT Bayle Boggs, Applied Mathematics Thesis, graduated May 2014
    A Study of Non-Euclidean Geometry 

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